Wall Sticker


For interior designers, wall is like canvas for a painter. A place to express their design and creation. In interior design, they call that as wall decor.

There are many methods used in wall decor. I’ve post some pictures using wall decor like paint, wallpaper, plates, shelves, etc. Now I’ll post another method in wall decor which is wall sticker.

Like what you’ve seen from the image above, the wall is so wide and empty. I think that’s why the designer interior using wall sticker to fill in the room. Wall stickers are quite easy to use and cheaper than wallpaper.

Here are some pictures using wall stickers.

stars above my bed

the birds fly on my wall

these robots protect my room

two birds falling in love


pot on my kitchen wall / hedgehog in my living room

By the way, these two above and one under are chalk stick, so you can write something on them.

Family Description

source : bonjourlife.com


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