Hello, July!

It’s July again…!

I will held my MeDesignMagazine’s first anniversary at July 22. Horay…

Wah…, it’s been a year writing on this blog. Kinda proud of myself… :p

Well I know I’m not quite update now, but I’ll try to be more active. I’ll try to do my best. Trust me, okay? 😀

So, first post for today :




I always love green design and I always love wall decor. You need to do something to your wall. Make it pretty.

Like what you see in this bedroom.

Modern look, but also homey. Calming and comforting like you’re sleeping in the forest because of that big green dandelion (?).

I think you can make something like that by using a textured wall sticker. It’s a great option if you get bored with wallpaper.

By the way, I like that grass mat. It’s complete the Modern Zen theme in the bedroom.

source : designarthouse.com


2 thoughts on “Hello, July!

  1. Congratulations on your year anniversary! Love this room. You’re right, it does have a modern zen feeling. The floor is beautiful and the wall art is cute. Is it three-dimensional?

    • Thank you Iris Interiors LLC 😀
      I’m not sure enough if that wall art was 3D or not, but from the source article that I read, it’s stencils / mural. But I think it will be much better if it’s 3D. Like you can touch and feel the flying leaves… 😀

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