Happy Birthday… \(^_^)/


Happy 1st anniversary, Me Design Magazine.

Wow…, it’s been a year me talking about design, art, interior, and home décor.

Wish you all the best my blog…! 😀

So, post for my birthday is, I want to talk about the best post I had. My favorite twelve posts at this first year. Here they are.

Best Dining Room


Love the colors. Love the use of different kind of chairs.

Best Kitchen


Simple kitchen. Beautiful backsplash.

Best Living Room


Oh the colors…! The most comfortable look of living room I ever saw.

Best Bedroom


Do you see it? Do I still have to explain?

Best Bathroom


Seriously, I can spend a day here.

Best Work Space


Best work space is actually a place where you can work comfortably and create something.

Best Wall Décor


It’s easy, pretty, cheap and appetizing.

Best Storage


Retro. Classic. Beautiful colors.

Best DIY


old door = room divider

Best Recycle



These lamps made from yoghurt pots. AMAZING!

Best Illustration


Always love this mysterious girl.

Best Design


For me, best design is something simple, yet beautiful and useful. The bottle that Sir Paul Smith made is one of the best design. For me.


Which one is your favorite?


-all pictures taken from pinterest.com-


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