romance in the living room


Here’s another example to brighten your living room.

If you’re afraid to paint your room with bold color like red, orange or shocking pink, or if you prefer to use white for your room, you still can brighten it this way.

Buy some fresh flowers and put it in a vase. I like roses, so if it was me, I’ll buy colorful roses that I can find in the florist. Then, buy one or two colorful pillow cases at IKEA. It’ll be nice if you can sew the pillow case your own. As a final touch, add some colorful accessories like candle holder, books, painting, etc.

And voila, you can keep your room white and clean but also lively and bright.

Oh, by the way, you can use your one favorite color as a theme. You don’t have to use too many colors. Like you’ve seen in the picture, the theme is romantic pink. So, that way, you won’t get color shock 😀

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